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Chad is a strategic entrepreneur and internet marketing seo specialist. He created Seo Hop and he has influenced many seo internet marketing firms around the globe.

Here is Why:

We have been in your shoes before so we can relate.

Chad went to Temple University for Finance & Economics while starting an online insurance shopping website. With the new site in need of online marketing he hired several SEO companies to try and help him Hop on top of Google, but they couldn’t deliver.

Still in need of the best internet marketing, Chad taught himself how to do SEO and it really paid off. The insurance company ranked in the top 3 of Google for hundreds of insurance related keywords and was the third largest online health brokerage in the country in only three short years.

The company was then sold and now Chad strictly concentrates on internet marketing seo. From there, Chad has brought in clients from all over the world and has made SEO-HOP in to one of the most effective, trusted, customer friendly internet marketing seo companies available.

When you work with SEO-HOP you get to work with some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. We work with many types of industries, which include: Business to Business(B2B), Business to consumer(B2C), small companies with 0-10 employees, large companies with 100-500 employees, etc…

My internet marketing seo packages are perfect for you and your business if…..

  • 1You are looking to concentrate on your business and let Seo Hop experts do their job and help your grow your business.
  • 2You are looking to grow quickly and use innovative ways to advertise your business.
  • 3You are looking to save money every month, by not hiring someone to do the work in-house, which will cost you 5 times the amount that you would pay an SEO company.
  • 4You are looking for a company that handles all of their work locally and does not outsource any of their information or services.
  • 5You are looking for a company that you can always get in touch with and doesn’t take 2-4 days to contact you back.
  • 6You are looking to have full transparency to everything we do. We want you to be involved, because it’s your business.

Google Updates: What they are and how I will protect you from being another victim.


Google updates are called Panda & Penguin. These updates are a change to Google’s search results ranking algorithm and are aimed to lower the rank of low-quality sites and return higher-quality sites to the top of Google.

These updates can turn a business upside down overnight and if you don’t know how to fix the problem, then your rankings will drop faster than you can say SEO marketing. It’s not only affecting the small mom and pop shops, but it’s also affecting the fortune 500 companies.

The work we do is proper and you will never have an issue with a Google update.

Why We AreBusinesses from all over the world contact us to fix their Google penalized websites. We are only 1 of a few people in the world that know how to do this correctly.

Here’s how it works

When we begin our partnership together, we first like to sit and go over exactly how your business works, so we have a better understanding on how to market the business. We will then customize a package for you, based on exactly what your needs are, so you can start to see your return on investment (ROI) quickly.

Biggest reasons companies from all over the world CALL US and ask us to work with them

  • Fast service
  • New increased revenue
  • High volume website traffic
  • Instant customer service – Call the President or your personal representative
  • Full transparency
  • Staff availability

We take on clients who are truly committed to their business and are looking for new & innovative ways to get their brands out there for the world to see. We also will not take on 2 clients, in the same field, in the same area.

For example: 2 auto body shops in the same city. We won’t do that because only one of them can be #1 on Google.

Get buyer traffic to your website now! Directing the correct traffic is more valuable. It is quality over quantity.

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