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robert salvatore twitterRobert Salvatore @InsuranceLead4U back once again SEO-HOP subscribers! This is the time of year where big brands and companies go hard pushing their products on everyone and begin marketing like mad men. So I wanted to take some time out today and talk with you guys about something I’ve recently discovered….the Elf on the Shelf! I have to admit when I first saw this thing I was creeped out. Some elf sits in a different place each night, watching your children to make sure their good or Santa Claus won’t bring them any presents. This product is GENIUS!

elf on the shelf 1Not only do they market it as “starting” your own family tradition, but also as a way to keep your kids inline or else Santa won’t bring them presents because the elf is watching for who’s naughty or nice. This idea is a total winner. Now that you guys know what the elf on the shelf is, let’s break down how we could leverage Facebook Ad’s to push this product during its season. I’m going to stick with Facebook marketing only today, for time’s sake.

elf on the shelf 2First and foremost, I would build a killer squeeze page for my brand new elf on the shelf product since I will want to capture as many hot leads as I can! Second I would get dirty, combing through the different demographics that Facebook has to offer when using their marketing median. Let’s brainstorm for a minute here…I would definitely target (men & women ages 27-60). Remember we want to target people a little older and more established as these are the people that are most likely to have kids and grandkids.

Next, I would move on to targeting categories and most likely choose (family status- parents all). Ok, so right there we are only marketing to parents! Our perfect target audience. Moving on, next I would simply set my budget, bid pricing, etc.. and create a killer ad. You want your ad to really stand out since people aren’t on Facebook looking to buy stuff usually; we want to grab their attention as best we can. This can be accomplished with a funny picture and ad copy! Below is an ad I would play with for this.

elf on the shelf advertisementEver Hear Of Elf On The Shelf?
Keep your kids entertained & behaving
this Christmas season! Start your families
next Christmas tradition with the elf on the shelf!

Maybe just something simple like this. I always create two ad’s to test against each other to see which performs best, and I recommend you always do the same. Once you find your winning ad keep tweaking and let it run. Remember how I said in the beginning of this post we would have a lead capture page? Well sending all this Facebook traffic to a lead capture page will build a super targeted list of parents interested in the elf on the shelf even if they don’t buy from this ad.

drip email marketingNow you have all their emails and you can drip email market them all holiday season! The potential really begins to snowball with this because you can cross promote other Christmas products to your new email list all month long as well.I hope you guys enjoyed my crash course in Facebook advertising using this cool product as an example ☺ Happy Holidays!

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