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The Google update EMD (exact match domains) was released on September 28th, 2012 to target “low quality” websites that had keywords in the domain or url, whichever you call it. This was performed to rid the Google search results of spammy websites that used domain matching to target keywords.


However, this Google update did much more than just target exact match domains. In fact I have some examples that are not exact match domains at all that were nearly dropped from the results completely. The websites were hurt between Sunday September 30th, 2012 & Monday October 1, 2012.

google update october seohop twitterOn Monday Seo Hop starting spreading the news via Twitter that this was not just an EMD update that in fact other updates had occurred around the same time period. In the same day Rand Fishkin of google update october rand fishkin seomoz twitterSEOmoz also tweeted on this subject.

Example 1:

Ranked in top 10 for Ohio health insurance quotes and united health one on all search engines for years all of sudden vanished from the top 10 of Google. Currently for Ohio health insurance quotes the site is ranked 182. For united health one it is number 91, which is an improvement from Monday of being past number 100 on Google.

About Quotefinder.org
The website was heavily themed and focused upon united health one and not on the quotefinder brand it self.

Example 2:

Ranked in top 10 for health insurance quotes, health insurance rates etc… And is now unlisted for these keyword on Google. Their site is still listed because you can find it by typing in benepath.com but for these keywords they are no where to be found on Google.

About Benepath.com
The website was heavily focused on major health insurance keywords and not on benepath as a brand.

What the heck really happened: Seo Hop Conclusion to the Google Updates October 2012

bing webmaster tools benepathThese websites were not performing partial match branded link building. The reason I believe this is because Seo Hop work’s on another site that quotefinder.org owns where this technique is used and it was not hurt by the update. This can also be found by using link explorer in Bing webmaster tools. As shown only 1 link out of benepath’s reported 146 links has the brand name.

Google loves brands these days and hates spammy techniques. So include your brand name in your keyword links. Google wants to see editorial links. Well doesn’t Seo Hop internet marketing Philadelphia look like a link that someone would add in their article and not just throw onto a website. Well I think so and my strategy works as proven by the top rankings shown on the home page of this site for Seo Hop clients.

Therefore, don’t build keyword targeted sites build brands. Because even if Google targets your website they cannot target your brand. Searchers will still type your brand name in that golden Google search box.

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