Solutions For Google Update July 2013 Ranking Changes

google update july 2013New report 3 days after this past post; Google Ranking Changes July 2013 Volatility Tools Not Reporting, we are seeing some tools reporting new volatility in the Google algorithm for search results.

In the last report regarding Google updates in July 2013 we were waiting for the tools to show some values of increased activity as rankings were moving around quite a bit. There is some new fluctuation with the tools regarding Google update July 2013.

Seo Hop Findings

Big brands are taking over the search engines again as Google pushes them forward in the results. Thus unfairly outweighing great content that once had top rankings.

1. Solution: Make your site more authoritative and you will rank and outrank competitors for anything.

Directory type sites like big brands are being pushed to the top locally. I think because they are search engines within search engines and Google loves this along with human added reviews.

2. Solution: Increase local optimization factors to outrank them locally.

Old Meta Tags that are not optimized for the new Google updates are hurting rankings.

3. Solution: Title tags need to be natural sounding, use the entire 160 character limit and make an impression

Volatility Tools

Mozcast reports slightly higher temperature for July 10, 2013 two days after our report and findings of these rankings changes.

Serps reports lower volatility falling from July 5, 2013 to now.

Serpmetrics showed increased activity on July 8, 2013 and a lot more increased activity on July 10, 2013

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